And then it was 2016…

OK, so I’m not very good at this blogging lark. I get all enthused and make a post and then disappear for months, when others seem to manage to post once a week or more. Time to either stick or bust. Let’s give it a try for 2016 and see how we go – with a minimum target of one post every month (about 45 mins left to make it in January!)

So the VKM: continuing the story, briefly. Did the training, had a second attempt, and improved the time by about 13 minutes, leaving me 7 minutes short of my 90 minute target. Should have been at least reasonably happy with that, but I wasn’t. I felt I should have done better, especially as I made the schoolboy error of going off too fast at the start.

I went off on a week’s cycling in the middle of France, and there I felt that I’d lost some endurance fitness, as I’d focussed more on strength training. Picked up a few niggling injuries along the way, and ended 2015 with some progress (lost 3kg in 12 months and was certainly fitter!), but I felt there should have been more.

So a new year dawns and it’s the time for those plans and resolutions for the 2016. OK, so I’m sticking with the VKM 90 minute target – I’ll bore it into submission! There’ll be more endurance work, as well as strength training.  Oh, and the small matter of losing a few more kgs!

January has been fairy good from the training viewpoint despite the weather. Although the skiing has not been especially good – a late start to the snow falls, and then very changeable conditions – far too warm for the end of January, and rain up to over 2000m on occasions.

So more soon – I promise – on the long and winding road to fitness and hitting those objectives!  Gotta get out there and train – as someone once told me: “it’s rain, it’ll only go as far as your skin”.  (Oh for those warm summer days…..)

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